Why Attend Violin Group Classes?  Important Points and Reviews After Our Last Class

These sessions offer the opportunity to review the skills learned in the private lesson whilst adding important ensemble skills necessary to perform with others. Group sessions also add the social aspect of making music with others. All of these things are wonderful motivational tools.

Music is an art form. If the students take that art form to a very high level, it will have an impact on everything else they do.    Hannah Saucedo


Reviews from July 1 Group Class

“The children loved the class and I felt that it gave them a great boost!

When I suggested that we go, they were keen, but not overly (More violin!! On a Saturday?!) – but when we were in the car on the way home I asked how they felt it went and everyone was very happy. Rosie and Joe loved playing with a big group and having the sound all around them (Canon) and I think Rosie really enjoyed hearing Minuet 2 played with the harmony, as she’s up to that piece now. As for Lucy, she enjoyed being part of the bigger group and seeing what is coming for her.

I value the stage craft bits too – a valuable part of performance in encouraging everyone to present well.

The group classes shake it up a bit and allow them to build on their skills. I love the inclusive nature, everyone of every level is given space to feel part of the group.

I’d highly recommend everyone giving it a go.”   Kelly

“It was fun to learn Canon – it was good when we got it in the end. I was nervous when I went out the front of the group, but felt proud of my self when I did it.”   Wilf


“I loved listening to everyone doing Canon together. I also liked hearing snippets about how an orchestra works!”   Kylie


“Thanks Mare. I found it valuable. I enjoy the opportunity for ensemble playing,  It’s great to have pieces that have easier and harder parts so everyone can participate.”   Margot