Closing Date for AMEB Exams – NSW

The closing date for the next AMEB Exams is 8 September 2017.  These exams occur some time during the last 2 weeks of November or the first 2 weeks of December 2017.

The last date for a 50% refund is 18 September. A late fee of $60 per candidate will apply to enrolments received after the closing date.  It is not possible under any circumstances to transfer from one year to the next.   This is for Period 3, and applies to violin students in Katoomba and the Blue Mountains area: ie, 2181 – 2999 postcodes.

If you haven’t been working towards a violin exam but would like to enrol, now’s the time to talk about it.  Maybe setting a goal for an exam in 2018 would be a good idea.

If you have completed the repertoire and technique for an exam, you might consider brushing up over the next few weeks and deciding if it would be beneficial to enter in the next exam sessions (November/December 2017).

It is now possible to do an exam in the form of a recital of pieces, without presenting any scales or technical work.  In most circumstances, and for most students I would advise preparing for the full exam – it is a fantastic source of motivation!  Although we cover relevant scales in most lessons, and are supposed to practice some relevant scales and technique every day, most of us need more incentives!

For more info, visit AMEB NSW website: