Looks Whats Coming up on the 24th of February!!!! The Next Katoomba ¡Ah-Ha!

Looks Whats Coming up on the 24th of February!!!!
The Next Katoomba ¡Ah-Ha! 
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This February in the Heart of the Blue Mountains will be the return of the Katoomba “¡Ah-Ha!, 
A night of Vaudevillian Variety & Wonder”.
featuring Music, Comedy & Circus performance.
Last October was a great success and this February is shaping up to match it.
¡Ah-Ha! will bring together the professional, local, national and international performers under the same lights.
Imagine entering into a traditional council facility, which you have only seen open during the day to borrow a book or see an exhibition, transformed into a late night cabaret venue. 
The room is dimly lit with intimate gatherings of tables and chairs, the walls hung with lush curtains and the room filled with mystery.
There are multiple stages around the room, all at different levels, performers hanging from trapezes on freestanding aerial frames, musicians set in the crowd, acrobats right in front of you, all whilst you are able to enjoy a supper and relax with friends.

This February the 24th will feature, , Mare Wildmare(Strings on Fire), Ben Noir(Ben Palumbo) Stuart Christie(Ex Circus Oz) Sydney special guest Skye Gelman (2015 Greenroom Award for Innovation in Contemporary Circus), and Sydney special guest MC Marlena Dali( the Oyster Club,)

with house band The Marble Circus. 
Doors open at 7:30, 8:00pm start, Limited seating 
Bar open with supper plates available.
Possible Coarse Language and Nudity Warning!!!!

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