Original composition & production with violin, viola, cello & electronic instruments played by Mare, vocals by Aurora Li.

70 minute live DJ set by Mare of her original electronic Chillout music at Tribal Gathering 2020 in Panama.

Mare’s remix of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, as a guest producer on an international EP to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday.

World BEAThoven Project www.taxi-mundjal.com/beathoven.html Further info on producers, instrumentalists, free sample databank and videos: www.taxi-mundjal.com/beathoven.html

Mastered by Energiekreis Zuckerhut Studios (Bonn, Germany)

This Pink Floyd classic was arranged for violins, violas & bass by Rachele Wildmare (Mare), and recorded in her studio, The Mare’s Office in January 2017.   The viola used for recording was made and supplied by Adele Beardsmore, Blackheath.

The video was filmed at The Blast Furnace in Lithgow.

Mare’s original composition & production “Bittersweet” was featured in the online “Little Bigtop” circus show, 2020.