And the Winners are…

May Practice Competition – rewards for consistent practice over 2 weeks.

1st prize – Tessa – 8 hours of practice – 14 consecutive days

2nd prize – Zariya – 4:30 hours of practice – 14 consecutive days

3rd prize – Caeden – 7 hours of practice – 13 days

4th prize – Wilf – 4:30 hours of practice – 13 days

Prizes also to Joe and Rosie for the biggest improvement.  Both practiced in week 2  without having to be be asked or reminded!

The real reward of practice is the improvement gained from regular, consistent contact with your instrument and the material you are learning.  All of the prize winners have made very obvious improvements.

If you know you could have done more practice, why not start training NOW for the next practice competition?  I will be shopping for prizes whilst in Japan at the end of June…


Mare 🙂