5 Students with Outstanding Practice This Week!

Melanie and I saw some outstanding progress from students who tried their best to practice well this week.

We want to acknowledge this, and to recognise those who are in the leading places for Week 1.  The results are:

Position:    Name:               Days of Practice:     Practices greater than 20 mins:

1st Place:    FRANKI              7                              6 (25, 2x30mins, 2×45, 1×60)

2nd Place   ANKAA*              7                              4 (3x25mins, 1 x35mins)

3rd Place  JOE & MOLLY   6                               4 (2x25mins, 2x30mins)

4TH PLACE: TESSA              6                               3 (25mins, 30mins, 35mins)


Congratulations!  And good luck for the rest of week 2.

For students who didn’t make the top places – keep trying to do your best.  We want you to develop GOOD PRACTICE HABITS.  A few students have done their personal best ever practice this week, and it shows in their playing!  That’s the real reward…

*Ankaa is the first US citizen to rank in our practice competitions.  Ankaa lives in Boston and is a cello student with Melanie Dyball:  www.CelloLessonsBoston.com