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Overcoming Performance Nerves

Feeling a nervous before your exam or recital is fine – it means you care. But you don’t want it to eat at you and take the joy out of music. To push through pre-exam nerves, laughter and fun are the best medicine.  It’s important to be well prepared – that builds confidence. But if […]

The Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health

A United Nations whistleblower recently drew attention to 5G’s dramatic impact on health in a widely circulated series of comments about 5G’s “seemingly overnight” rollout in Vienna, Austria. Describing 5G as a “silent war,” she commented: “…Children are the most vulnerable to 5G depredation because of their little bodies. Friends and acquaintances and their children in Vienna […]

HSC Music – Congrats Indi!

Congrats to Indi who completed her HSC music in 2017 with an A grading.  As well as coursework, Indi presented a recital on the theme of gypsy music.  It was wonderful to see her violin playing improve as she worked towards this goal.  

Violin Party & Violin Cake Pics

  It was great to have some help to celebrate the end of the year and my birthday with a group session and a violin cake! We played ensemble pieces we’ve been working on, and heard some beautiful solos, including from violinists who did an AMEB exam in December. Thanks everyone! Mare

Practice Competition with Goals!

I was impressed with the improvement of every violinist last week, after Week 1 of our Practice Competition. This week, I’ve released 2 new instructional videos (if you haven’t received a private link by email, please let me know). I can’t wait to see and hear the results of a second week of “competition level” […]

A Violin Group Session Just for Adults – 22 Feb

Thrilled to announce our first Adult’s Group Session will take place in Leura on Sunday 22nd February at 11:30am. What will be covered in the session: – presenting a solo to the group (optional) – performance techniques – ensemble playing (the skills required to play with others) – physical awareness for violinists – technique (fun activities […]


GRAND FINAL RESULTS FOR WHOLE 21 DAYS: Well done to everyone who participated.  There is not one student who hasn’t improved over the last 3 weeks. There are two categories to be awarded: Total days practiced (Consistency)                                       […]



It’s truly satisfying, as teachers, to see so many students putting the time into the violin (and cello).  Melanie and I are thrilled to see how the practice sessions have increased both in time and regularity over the 21 days of this competition.  FANTASTIC WORK DONE BY SO MANY OF YOU! HERE ARE THE RESULTS […]

Monster Efforts! Practice Comp Week 2

Leading places for Week 2.  The results are: Position:    Name:               Days of Practice:       Practices greater than 20 mins: 1st Place:    KEELEY              7                              6 (3x30mins, 2×40, […]

5 Students with Outstanding Practice This Week!

Melanie and I saw some outstanding progress from students who tried their best to practice well this week. We want to acknowledge this, and to recognise those who are in the leading places for Week 1.  The results are: Position:    Name:               Days of Practice:     Practices greater than 20 […]

For tranquil, soothing violin music – click here!

Here’s a link to a playlist of tranquil violin music.  We could do worse than emulating this guy – he was one of my favourite violinists when I was a kid:  Christian Ferras. Violin for an Afternoon Soiree by Rachele Wildmare  (Youtube playlist) For some other, entertaining youtube clips, see  – includes electric violin & […]

Prizes to be Won! Term 4 Practice Comp

The real reward of regular practice is how much you improve…. however, let’s have some fun, get some incentive and acknowledgement for practicing! Starts on day of your lesson on week of Mon 20th Oct Whoever practices the most days for 21 days (3 weeks) wins! Minimum of 20 mins each day If there is a […]

Practice Competition Starts Today!

Be rewarded for practicing every day! Terms: practice every day for the next 14 days (until your lesson on the week of 8th/9th April) if you miss a day, you are out! minimum amount of practice allowed: 2 minutes (on days when something happens to prevent a longer practice – eg. home very late) if […]

Creating Music For The Sea Pig!

Angie & Gab introduced me to this site after their last violin lesson: The concept is creating music (with various guest artists) around the idea of various unusual creatures.   This one involves the Kronos Quartet! Here’s the link:  

Top 10 reasons why kids don’t practice

  Written by: blog 9/02/2014 3:24 PM   If your child loves to practice, and never has to be reminded, ordered or bribed to do it, then that is wonderful. However, you are in the VAST MINORITY.  Most children will baulk at practice, and below are the top 10 reasons why. 1. No routine […]

Recent Performances

It’s a busy time of year!  Since returning from Boston I’ve performed at some diverse & prestigious events with Strings on Fire.  We opened Rugby League Player’s Association of NSW awards night, and got into character for The Gangsters’ Ball at Sydney’s Metro Theatre.  Also performed with orchestral soundtrack for an exclusive dinner for the […]